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Many advisers we speak to are looking for an engaging way to handle investments for a younger generation, who, when investing, generally have a longer timeframe to work with.  We have also found that younger investors are the most likely to be engaged with environmental and social issues and are more likely to prefer an investment strategy that can provide positive outcomes beyond a healthy financial return. We believe that the GDIM Thematic Portfolio can help you to meet the needs of these investors. [click to continue…]

As the spread of the Coronavirus continues across the US and Europe, every day brings new data. We have seen some encouraging signs of slowing contagion in Italy and a return to growth in some parts of the Chinese economy, but the battle to contain the spread and protect the vulnerable is still ongoing. Arguably, the US is the most influential region to be affected by the virus, and the situation there has yet to unfold. With this potentially disruptive cloud on the horizon we must remain cautious and continue to carefully observe the developments. 

As noted above the Chinese economy is showing positive progress in both official and unofficial measures but as an economy that is reliant on trade with the West, we cannot foresee a significant move toward full capacity in the near future.

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Ethical Investing

The ethical revolution has continued to accelerate in 2020. Extinction Rebellion protests are still taking place, ever more plant-based food and products are coming to market, and businesses are trying to show that they are taking environmental and social concerns seriously. The reason for these developments is consumer and investor demand. Consumers are looking for products that do not harm the environment, and investors want to see the companies in which they have a stake doing right by the world

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The final quarter of 2019 brought significant changes in the UK with the re-election of the Conservative party as a majority government. As a result, UK assets received a boost in stock markets and the Pound made up some of the value it lost as a result of the EU referendum back in 2016.

As the prospect of a trade war between the US and China receded stock markets saw a sharp increase in values at the end of last year.  We entered 2020 with tensions between the US and Iran igniting again, which has been the source of further volatility and uncertainty. [click to continue…]

Commercial Property

The recent news that M&G Investments have chosen to suspend dealing in their UK Commercial property fund has once again caused consternation from numerous commentators as there will be a an indeterminate period in which investors in the fund will not be able to redeem or trade units.  It has been applied because of increased withdrawals from the fund due to Brexit-related uncertainty. [click to continue…]

GDIM Investment Market Review & Outlook October 2019

The political landscape in the UK has shifted significantly in the last three months, but the future remains as uncertain as ever, especially in relation to Brexit. We continue to monitor the situation, and have further reduced our exposure to UK assets as a defensive measure.

The prospects for the addition and withdrawal of trade tariffs between the US and China, and others, have continued to move global markets, including weakening areas of the global economy in some regions too, significantly Europe, due to its heavy reliance on trade. However, we also see potential for more positive economic news in the near future as growth in the service industry may provide economic stability for countries that have previously relied on manufacturing.

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The second quarter of 2019 contained a huge amount of political noise, with Brexit weighing on everyone’s minds, the US:China Trade War continuing to rumble on, and India welcoming the re-election of their Prime Minister with an improved majority.

All of these issues affected asset prices across the board at various points over the quarter but the conclusion was a continuation of the healthy returns we had enjoyed in the first three months of 2019. [click to continue…]

Investment Market Review & Outlook April 2019

Stock markets rose through the first quarter of 2019, a reassuring counterpoint to the falls we saw at the end of 2018.

We have a more defensive approach in most portfolios at the moment as we expect lower growth this year. Holding enough risk to make gains in positive periods is key, but not at the expense of our risk-mitigation strategies, which we believe will be essential this year. [click to continue…]

Investment Market Review Q1 2019

2018 saw the culmination of a series of economic risks; US interest rates; the approaching end of the economic cycle; trade wars and other geopolitical issues; and of course Brexit. In terms of markets, it was one of the toughest years we have seen since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. In this environment, there have been very few positives and we saw some drops in portfolios as result. [click to continue…]

GDIM Market Review & Outlook October 2018

Throughout the final quarter of 2018, the ever-changing US trade policy was the major event affecting stock market activity, but both US and Asian markets reacted very differently to each other.  In addition to this, the US initiated a further interest rate rise in September, with a further rise forecasted for December.

The effect of these steadily rising rates shouldn’t cause too much harm to equity markets, as it looks like companies are well-placed to deal with less generous financial conditions, but those with high levels of debt may find it increasingly difficult to do so.

GDIM Investment Market Review & Outlook October 2018GDIM Investment Model Portfolio Performance October 2018In the US, Europe and Emerging Markets, economic fundamentals remain strong, and we believe that these are likely to be the strong foundations on which to build success. The next earnings season starts again in October, and will provide us with a further indication of the health of the market. We anticipate that most companies will demonstrate further positive progress, though perhaps not at the rate we saw earlier in 2018, as the effects of tax cuts start to dissipate.

In the UK, we saw assets struggle to make progress as Theresa May failed to make any significant headway in her Brexit negotiations. As the March 29th 2019 deadline looms, it is essential that we see a resolution soon, and we are continuing with our low UK holdings to protect against the potential negative outcomes of this.

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