Investment Model Portfolios for Adviser Firms

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Our Investment Model Portfolios

We run a series of 15 risk-adjusted Investment Model Portfolios (IMPs). Click on the name of the IMP for the latest Factsheet, with more information about performance, asset allocation, and commentary from Investment Manager Tom Sparke.

Whole-of-Market Portfolios

These portfolios use both active and passively managed funds to achieve high risk-adjusted return on a widely diversified asset base.

  • GDIM Cautious
  • GDIM Conservative
  • GDIM Balanced
  • GDIM Moderately Aggressive
  • GDIM Aggressive

Passive Portfolios

Use mainly passive equity and bond funds to achieve a high risk-adjusted return on a low-cost basis.

  • GDIM Passive Cautious
  • GDIM Passive Conservative
  • GDIM Passive Balanced
  • GDIM Passive Moderately Aggressive
  • GDIM Passive Aggressive

Income Portfolios

Use both active and passively managed funds to achieve a consistent level of natural income. They are suitable for those clients who wish to take a regular income from their investments without cancelling units.

  • GDIM Conservative Income
  • GDIM Balanced Income

Ethical Portfolios

Where possible, we use ethically screened investment funds to avoid unethical companies and favour those which make a positive social impact.

  • GDIM Ethical Cautious
  • GDIM Ethical Conservative
  • GDIM Ethical Balanced
  • GDIM Ethical Moderately Aggressive
  • GDIM Ethical Aggressive

Target Return Portfolio

This portfolio provides a Real Return using a highly diversified portfolio of low-risk assets.

  • GDIM Target Return

Thematic Portfolio

This portfolio brings together our strongest conviction ideas for the long term (i.e. 10+ years).

  • GDIM Thematic