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Our aim is to help you to find the right balance between providing quality investments for your clients at a competitive price and freeing up your time to focus on providing financial advice.  The portfolios come with a range of supporting materials to enable you to explain available options and your recommendations quickly and clearly.

With over £440 million of assets under management, our Investment Model Portfolios are a proven investment solution that has been working for over 1,300 clients since 2009. Contact us now to arrange an initial meeting with our team to find out more about how our portfolios can support your financial planning.

Working With You

Benefits of our Investment Model Portfolios
  • Past Performance
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation
    Optimal performance within risk levels

    We actively manage the proportion of assets held in each of our portfolios, giving your clients optimal performance for the amount of risk they are taking.

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  • Tom Sparke Investment Manager
  • Risk-Adjusted Returns
    One of our greatest strengths is our performance history

    We strive for balance between the assessment for potential returns and the level of risk an investment brings to a given portfolio, benchmarking against Investment Association sectors.

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  • INvestment Management
  • Investment Model Portfolios
    We run a series of 15 Investment Model Portfolios

    Our range of 15 Investment Model Portfolios have been put together to provide Adviser Firms with a selection of potential products to meet the needs of their clients.

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Investment Committee Members

Mark Denley – Chair & Director

Mark is a Chartered Financial Planner and a qualified Discretionary Investment Manager and has been working in financial services since 1984. He is responsible for assessing asset allocation, investment research and management of the GDIM Investment Model Portfolios. As well as his duties as an Investment Manager and as a company director, he continues to be an active adviser.


  • Chartered Financial Planner
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (APFS)
  • Certificate in Discretionary Investment
  • Management (CertPFS (DM))
  • Investment Management Certificate (IMC)

Tom Sparke – Investment Manager & Associate Director

Tom is a qualified Discretionary Investment Manager, beginning his career in financial services in 2003. Tom is responsible, with Mark Denley, for the day-to-day management of GDIM’s Investment Model Portfolios. He meets frequently with City investment professionals, enabling him to continuously research, analyse, and evaluate investment markets, funds and equities.


  • Investment Management Certificate (IMC)
  • Certificate in Discretionary Management (CertPFS (DM))

Benjamin Benson – Investment Manager

Benjamin Benson - Investment AnalystBenjamin began working in investments in 2013, and has gained the Investment Management Certificate. He works closely with Tom Sparke, providing extensive research to the Investment Committee.



  • Investment Management Certificate (IMC)
  • CISI Investment Operations Certificate

David Ellis – Director

David Ellis, DirectorDavid began his career in financial services in 1989, gaining a wealth of experience in financial companies in London before returning to his roots in Cambridgeshire. In addition to his role on the investment committee, overseeing the management of GDIM’s portfolios, he is also the company’s Compliance Officer, responsible for ensuring that the company meets all of its regulatory requirements to the fullest.


  • Diploma in Financial Planning (DipPFS)
  • G60 Pensions

Simon Rees – Director

Simon is a Chartered Financial Planner and Discretionary Investment Manager, beginning his career in financial services after completing his bachelor’s degree in Economics. He provides advice in wealth management, pensions, investments and trusts and estate planning. His in-depth understanding of economics complements his client knowledge, providing good insights for the committee.


  • Chartered Financial Planner
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (APFS)
  • Certificate in Discretionary Investment
  • Management (CertPFS (DM))

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